Currently Most Viewed and Most Popular Top 6 Diaper Girls

Adult Baby Girl Anthia
Diaper Girl 'Anthia' with twin sister Hanah wearing diapers and having fun together. These 18 year old, almost identical twins have so much fun togeher.
Adult Baby Girl Cassie
Diaper Girl 'Cassie' is lovely and young. She enjoys spending time as an adult baby and wearing her diaper. She likes having her wet diaper changed by another diapergirl.
Adult Baby Girl Joele
Diaper Girl 'Joele' in her diaper with her dipergirl friend are enjoying time together and just being big adult babies and very cute ones at that.
Adult Baby Girl Phoenix
Diaper Girl 'Phoenix' I am sure you will agree when we say, one of our hottest, sexiest and cutest blonde adult baby girl and diaper lover is Phoenix.
Adult Baby Girl Anais
Diaper Girl 'Anais' gives us outrageously hot action, sole, lesbian and sex in diapers. Diapergirl Anais has a vast amount of pictures and videos for your enjoyment.
Adult Baby Girl Angie
Diaper Girl 'Angie' with diapergirl Shonelle enjoying each others company and playing big babies with each other. They're both so cute looking wearing their diapers.

  Adult Baby / Paraphilic infantilism - Did You KNow?

Diaper usage - A central practice to AB/DL is wearing a diaper. When wearing diapers, many AB/DLs like to urinate in them, and a smaller number defecate in them. Others do not because they find such practices disgusting, do not enjoy it, do not want to go through the cleanup afterward, or wouldn't be able to without being obvious. Some AB/DLs have difficulty wetting their diapers when they want to, as the result of overtrained bladders or paruresis. Some AB/DLs need to retrain to overcome this. Some others go a step further, and attempt to un-potty-train themselves.

A common compromise between wanting to wear diapers and needing to go about daily life is to wear diapers under normal clothing. When adult babies do so, it is in their everyday mindset, as opposed to an infantile one. A few adult babies wear diapers all the time, and may seek to develop urinary incontinence. The level of enjoyment in wearing diapers all the time is mixed, and it may have lasting effects; some adult babies have found that the enjoyment diminishes rapidly when the need to wear diapers is always present. Other AB/DLs enjoy wearing diapers intermittently more than they would enjoy wearing them all the time.

  Currently Most Viewed and Most Popular Top 6 Asian Adult Baby Girls

Adult Baby Girl Aei
Adult Baby 'Aei' a young, sexy Japanese School Girl in and out of her school uniform but always in her diaper.
Adult Baby Girl Dia
Adult Baby 'Dia' is one of our hottest, sexiest and cutest Japanese adultbabygirl. You will enjoy all of her pics and videos.
Adult Baby Girl Lisa
Adult Baby 'Lisa' is another cute diaper girl from Taiwan. Watch her enjoying being an adult baby and wearing her diaper.
Adult Baby Girl Nang
Adult Baby 'Nang' is a young and sexy Asian schoolgirl with tight body, firm young breasts, perky nipples and loves to wear adult diapers.
Adult Baby Girl Ting
Adult Baby 'Ting' is one of our sexiest Vietnamese diapered schoolgirl, young, petite and always horny, and very sexy in her diaper.
Adult Baby Girl Whan
Adult Baby 'Whan' is one of the cutest adult baby girl we have ever had the pleasure to meet, and we are sure you too will enjoy all of her videos and pictures.

  What is a Diaper Lover?

A diaper lover is different from an AB because they are fundamentally focused around the wearing of a Diaper or Nappy. For a Diapers Lover, it is all about the feel of the diaper and usually its use, that is, the intended use of a diaper. DLs tend to be more sexually motivated then ABs and usually integrate Diaper Play into their general sex life, like prolonged bondage or watersports.

  July - What's New

    Girl n Diaper
Video of Anais Girl n Diaper is now available to view online or download.
    Adult Baby Nursing
Video of Anais and Damien Adult Baby Nursing is now available to view online or download.
    Sex in Diapers
Video of Anais Sex in Diapers is now available to view online or download.
    Adults in Diapers
Video of Andy Adults in Diapers is now available to view online or download.
    Asian Teen In Diaper
Video of Whan Asian Teen In Diaper is now available to view online or download.
    Japanese School Girls In Diapers Part 2
Video of Dia Japanese School Girls In Diapers Part 2 is now available to view online or download.

  Adult diaper - Did You KNow?

Adult diaper - An adult diaper is a diaper made to be worn by a person with a body larger than that of an infant or toddler. Diapers become necessary for adults who suffer from various conditions, such as incontinence, mobility impairment, or dementia. Adult diapers are made in various forms, including those resembling traditional child diapers, underpants, and pads resembling sanitary napkins (known as incontinence pads).

In the medical community, professionals are trained to use alternative terms such as "briefs" rather than "diapers" for the sake of dignity, as the term "diapers" is associated with children and therefore may have a negative connotation. In practice, though, most health care workers are accustomed to calling them diapers, especially those that resemble childrens' diapers.

  New AB/DL dvd'd available this month - July

Adult Baby Video #14

Adult Baby Video #16

Adult Baby Video #18

Adult Baby Video #1

  Adult Baby / Paraphilic infantilism - Did You KNow?

'Paraphilic infantilism' is usually shortened to 'infantilism.' This can lead to some misunderstandings, since 'infantilism' can also mean 'lacking development.' Mental retardation involves never having achieved an average maturity, in contrast to adult babies, who actively set their maturity aside. In turn, psychosexual infantilism, a term coined by Freud, referred to those who haven't "matured" through the psychosexual stages into heterosexuality. Psychosexual infantilism includes paraphilic infantilism as well as other paraphilias and sexual orientations. Finally, regression is a broad term with many meanings. Adult babies regress, but those who regress aren't necessarily adult babies.

  New Adult Baby Video released this month - July

My Diaper Story1 #1
06:15 - 231 MB
A Japanese schoolgirl is home with her mommy and is waiting to be put in a diaper. Mom comes in and puts on cloth diaper on her diapergirl with a nice diaper cover to go with it.
My Diaper Story1 #2
15:33 - 585 MB
Schoolgirl wearing diapers under her uniform comes home to change her diaper and put on her adult baby dress. She gets a little horny and while playing with her self, pees in her diaper. She changes out of her wet diaper and puts on a clean diaper, with a diaper cover and a new adult baby dress.
My Diaper Story1 #4
13:03 - 412 MB
Diaper girl wetting her diaper while playing and drawing in her book. With a wet diaper she continues to drawing until her adult baby sitter comes to look at her drawings and check her diaper. She discovers her wet diaper girl needs her wet diaper changed.

  Urinary incontinence - Did You KNow?

Bladder repositioning - Most stress incontinence in women results from the urethra dropping down toward the vagina. Therefore, common surgery for stress incontinence involves pulling the urethra up to a more normal position. Working through an incision in the vagina or abdomen, the surgeon raises the urethra and secures it with a string attached to muscle, ligament, or bone. For severe cases of stress incontinence, the surgeon may secure the urethra with a wide sling. This not only holds up the bladder but also compresses the bottom of the bladder and the top of the urethra, further preventing leakage.